Elle Jones

Steven is a kind, patient, and inspirational voice teacher. Before I started lessons with him (which are virtual, so you can sing from anywhere in the world!), I was frustrated with my voice. I couldn’t access the power and tone I knew was there. Steven helped me relearn how to sing (starting with breathing, of course!) and helped me unlock the potential of my voice with healthy singing habits. Now I sing professionally!! I never would have achieved my singing dreams without his help.

On a personal note, I have a serious chronic illness, and Steven has offered so much care and compassion, modifying lessons as needed so even on my rougher health days, I can still find a way to sing.

Music is so important to my life, happiness, and health, and I cannot thank Steven enough for his guidance and expertise (and humor! We all need a good laugh, especially on the bad days). You won’t find a more talented, more caring, more healing voice teacher than Steven.

Meera Mohan - Professional Singer 

I have been Steven's student since 2008. I initially came to him when I was concerned that my vocal range was shrinking and my singing voice gradually weakening. Steve has continuously astonished me with his ability to recognize potential, troubleshoot and diagnose limitations, and use multiple methods to teach and explain proper technique. Under his tutelage my voice has grown increasingly versatile, rich and resonant helping me succeed at auditions and performances ranging from professional stages including the Apollo in New York City. I have recommended him to dozens of peers. If you are willing to invest energy applying what you learn and practicing on your own, Steve will help you make technique second nature. As a singer, nothing is more liberating than trusting my body and voice to produce the right sound, while I focus on delivering emotion and stories rather than "hitting the notes."

Hannah Patelunas - Professional Singer/Actress

"I have studied with Steven ever since I was twelve years old and may I say he has changed not only my vocal technique but also, me as a person. I began one summer as an untrained, timid singer with many flaws in my voice. However, going to Steven with these issues was the wisest decision I have ever made. He has taught me breathing techniques, made my voice fuller and stronger, and developed my range to great lengths. He also has taught me the art of opera and how to release my tension in order to achieve the richest sound possible.While doing this he manages to also show his passion, love and care to all his students. I have recently signed with Paradigm Agency to represent me theatrically, sharing the roster with such great singers as Elton John, Idina Menzel, Sara Bareilles and Aerosmith. I know that this is due in great part to what I have learned studying with Steven.

Steven is like family to me and every time we have a lesson I learn and grow not only as a performer but as a person. But, all I can say is, over the years with repetition, dedication and hard work, Steven and I have become masters at exploring and molding a voice I never even knew I had."

Kimberly Suskind - Professional Singer (http://www.kimberlysuskind.com)

Since I started training with Steve, what can I say? He quickly figured out what I was doing wrong and set about to fix the bad habits I had.. He explains things in a way that makes complete sense. He is extremely passionate about bringing out the best in everyone and really cares deeply about the success of his students. He truly will do whatever he can to help you produce the best and most healthful voice you can. Steve is very honest and up front and tells you exactly what you need to know to make your vocal career long and successful. Steven's techniques WILL work as long as you are committed and practice. Along with Steven's proven techniques, he is also an amazing man. He has an incredible sense of humor and lot of patience. Steven is a mentor, an incredible teacher, and I know will be a lifelong friend. No plain "thank you" will ever suffice!

Ned Higgins - Baritone

Steven is an excellent teacher and also has become a great friend. I am very fortunate to have found him again, because Steven has made the dream of singing come true for me.

When teaching, he uses his good sense of humor to motivate me, and doesn't mind pushing/challenging me, amidst his ongoing encouragement, which he gives every lesson. He's also patient, and knows when to look past any of my uncertainty or resistance in reaching a new stage of ability. Overall, my singing has dramatically improved, and continues to. Thanks to Steve, I'm in two bands and am a member of Princeton Pro Musica.

With his Juilliard training, naturally, he's very knowledgeable about singing and music, and I trust -and am in awe of- his fantastic ear, and how it delves into a range of talents and techniques, and how he can then miraculously articulate what each singer is doing and what they are capable of, with perfect confidence.

Steven is a good, principled, warm-hearted guy, who's fun to work with, and it's easy to see that the art of singing is sacred for him. You'll know that you're learning from a real professional, who's blessed both as a singer and teacher. I recommend him highly.

Sandra Partridge - Professional Coloratura Soprano (http://www.sandrapartridge.com)
(B Mus Ed, Dip. Opera, Licentiate Singing)

I worked with Steve Schnurman over an intensive 3 week summer festival, then followed up with bi-monthly lessons. Steven is committed to getting the best from his students and helping them to achieve results. As an experienced singer and having worked with teachers in Europe, Asia and the USA, I was most encouraged and impressed by his thorough attention to detail and dedication to technical excellence. Complementing Steven's giftedness as a teacher is his ability to encourage and support the development of a singer in his or her entirety, being acutely aware of the psychological and physiological development involved. My experience under Steven's tutoring has been inspiring and informative, reinforcing the fundamentals of singing and securing crucial technical aspects of my "craft".

JD Daniels - Award-Winning Stage/TV/Movie Actor & Singer (IMDb)

There are no words to thank Steven Schnurman for all the singing and vocal technique training he has given me over the years? I know that his techniques, patience and talent helped me to land the role of my dreams on Broadway in Les Miserables. Over the years, I have taken his training and techniques with me to every audition and recording session. I have recommended him to fellow singers and actors and I plan to continue to do so in the future. Steven's students are blessed to have the benefit of his talent, wisdom, sense of humor and patience.

Donna Harris - Professional Singer, Lead Singer "Straight Ahead Band" 

I have been singing professionally for 20 years. Steven really got me back to basics. There were so many things I was doing wrong, potentially hurting my voice, and he helped me correct my bad habits with his simple straight ahead techniques that work like magic. I never lose my voice and always feel in vocal control. Thanks to Steven, I have developed a much stronger vocal instrument. I feel very lucky to have gotten an opportunity to study with him and can't thank him enough.

Komal Kapoor - Opera/Musical Theater 

I began studying with Steven Schnurman because of his training and reputation but I have remained a student because of the dedication he has to his craft and the love he has for what he does and the students he teaches.

When I began with Steven, I had zero confidence and had no idea what my potential was. But over time, he has taught and guided me to be a singer with strength and confidence. I have learned the importance of strong technique and he has helped me build my voice into an instrument I understand. Because of this understanding, I have been able to constantly grow and improve.

Steven is a wonderful teacher and an amazing person and I trust him completely with my training. He expects his students to aim for excellence but balances this with his warm personality and encouraging teaching style. He makes you want to be a great singer and he has the goods to help get you there.

Patricia Poisl Carney - Professional Classical Singer

It is difficult for me to describe the magnitude of the change I've experienced in the way I sing over these past months. In less than a month, I could tell I had found the right teacher in Steven. With Steven as my singing teacher I've made progress I hadn't dreamed possible. The years of training I had in the mid-west and then in NYC don't compare to the technique I've learned with Steven. I am more grounded and confident in the way I sing than at any other time in my life. I feel blessed. Not only have I found someone who has the knowledge and craft that I've been seeking, but one who is also gifted in teaching and sharing what he knows. Thank you, Steven!

Kyrie London - Professional Pop Singer
B.M. Professional Music- Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

Steve is amazing. He is an extremely kind-hearted, great person and an excellent teacher who truly cares about his students. I came to him with some natural talent, but I lacked true technical foundation upon which that talent could flourish. He gave me the technique first, and soon after, he helped me master the art of expression. The voice can be so beautiful when technique and expression come together.

Singing and music are my life, and Steven has given me the tools to fully enjoy The voice is such a difficult thing to teach because it is inside the body. You cannot touch it or see it. A teacher has to be extraordinarily skilled to able to get a student to understand and feel inside him or herself what the teacher is trying to convey. I don't know how to explain exactly how Steve does it, but he does, and I am thankful for it!

Nobuko Hori - Operatic Soprano

Steven has been an outstanding teacher. His groundbreaking technique can literally develop anyone's voice into a singing voice because he zones in on the actual instrument, the muscles which create and color the sound, to give you technique which develops the voice from the inside out. On a more personal level, he takes great care in giving his instruction to you as an individual. Though his instruction is very professional, his sense of humor and personality make anyone feel at home in his studios. I started taking lessons two years ago, and though I was shy with wavering confidence in my vocal ability, I have found my own strength both physically and spiritually through the instruction and encouragement he has given me (with, of course, a few jokes thrown in.) So if you dream of becoming a great singer, or even just developing your voice, Steven will lead you to where you want to go. Training your vocal instrument is not just a path to great singing but a journey with great personal fulfillment. For anyone who truly wants to improve their voice, their confidence, and their sense of well-being, I would greatly recommend Steven's teaching.

John Bianculli - Professional Pianist, Composer, Bandleader And Teacher

Steven is an amazing, inspiring and compassionate teacher and always a joy to work with. He helped me find my singing voice! In a short period of time I became confident enough to sing professionally. When my colleagues express interest in studying voice, I immediately recommend Steve Schnurman.

Laurie Jacob., Washington Crossing, PA (A Parent of a Student Who Became a Working Professional)

Our daughter, Jenn Jacob began formal vocal training with Steve Schnurman when she was fourteen. Now, at eighteen, she's reaping the rewards of a beautifully developed voice, enjoying highlighted performances in local musicals, and has just been accepted to NYU as a musical theatre major for next year. We highly recommend Schnurman Voice Studios to anyone serious about singing. We are blessed that our daughter connected with Steve when she did ... he is a musical gem of a teacher. Thank you so much, Steve!